As veterans of the industry—barbers, entrepreneurs, and artisans—we noticed that there’s no shortage of new men’s lines. Everyone’s got a new pomade, 3-in-1 shampoo, or beard oil. Choice is great, but is it really choice when they’re all variations of the same thing?

Where’s the difference, where’s the sustainability? As you scratch the surface, they all look the same. Tied into a marketing pitch of handsome guys who care about the way they look:  Metro. Or facial hair and a plaid shirt:  Lumber. Or lots of ink:  Countersexual. Or masculine and nurturing:  Ubersexual.

Made prefers to cut through the labels and ignore the marketing-speak of the moment. We’ll stay true to our mantra, thanks: it’s good to be Made.

We’re about looking good made simple. Simple solutions to streamline our daily rituals of shit, shower, shave.  Multi-purpose products that deliver great results.

Vitally important to us is to reduce the use of packaging and plastics. Enough is enough. By looking to multitask and multipurpose as much as possible, we can offer products that eliminate the need for other products. No need for shampoo bottles and conditioner bottles, or shaving cream cans or tubes, when you’re using a soap bar that does it all, for example.

As we go about this endeavor of ours, we’ll celebrate and recognize guys doing what they do and doing it well. Making their mark on the world, and making a difference in it.

As we strive to do the same. This is who we are.