The Breakaway Bar – Made’s signature innovation to the humble concept of bar soap includes 5 bars in one, pre-scored so you just break them off as you need them. 3 full-size and 2 travel-size bars, in the irresistibly invigorating Royal Pamplemousse fragrance (that’s French for grapefruit). The Breakaway Bar’s amazing formulation is great for body and hair, and is absolutely stellar for shaving. Simple, multipurpose, and minimizing of wasteful packaging. That’s the Made way.

The Deuce #2 – The Made man is a courteous man, leaving no trace and leaving it safe for others with Made’s essential oil blend guaranteed to knock out the gnarliest of scents. A couple pumps before you, well, you know, and you’ll leave it as you found it.

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 2 × 5.25 in